There is no perfect way of using this open source tool to start developing a template driven website. Between tons of resources online, videos, posts, tools, plugins, templates, starting the wordpress development can get very messy. So here, we developed for you younger entrepreneurs a basic guide on how to get familiar with this tool.

Now strap in and let’s get started… 😋

Let’s talk about tooling

In the world of open source, there is a lot of solutions for a single problem and wordpress is no exception:

1. Local Environment

If you are managing multiple websites or maybe just want to learn to use wordpress, there…

Many great applications have gotten onboard the dark mode train because, we have to say it, everybody loves dark mode. It’s the perfect solution for when you need to view some content, or work without hurting your eyes at night. The best part is, wait for it… that improves battery life on most devices! It’s a win-win situation on every aspect.

In this article we are going to show you an easy way to implement dark mode using Flutter with the help of the provider package. First thing it’s to add the package to our pubspec.yaml file.

provider: ^4.1.2

When developing any kind of app, you usually have to send and receive data from some kind of server or API that either you set up by yourself, or you’re using from some kind of service. In this post we will be explaining how to handle this situation in Flutter by using the Dio package and recurring to Classes in order to make your workflow more efficient and your code more readable. In this example we will be using the REST Countries API to fetch the information.

Step 1: Create the basic app template.

First we create a basic app using the flutter create command:

flutter create…

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